Did you know how powerful play is?

By the time a baby is one, their brain has doubled in size, and by the time they are 5 years old, it is nearly fully grown. That growth doesn't just happen by magic - it's a result of connections being made in the brain when your little one is stimulated by sensory experiences such as movement, touch, playful attention and love.

As a parent we always will want the best for our children - but what if you found out that one of the best things you could do, was play with them?!

By engaging in a variety of play activities and understanding the impact they can have, we can create environments for children to experience the power of play and all the benefits that come with it.


  • Play gives children the opportunity to move and develop their gross and fine motor skills

  • Children can learn about the world whilst interacting with different objects.

  • They begin to problem solve and learn about self-awareness

  • Children can develop and improve their language skills and increase their vocabulary

  • Learn how to lose themselves in their imagination (parents as well!)

  • Enables children to begin to see and understand socially acceptable and appropriate ways of interacting with others

  • Allows them to feel safe enough to explore, and discover risk-taking while building their confidence

All in-person courses follow Staffordshire Term dates and are in 6/7 week blocks. Each class incorporates warm up activities, yoga-inspired movements, fine and gross motor skill play activities and a calming down and relaxing end to the session. There will be opportunities at the end of each session for some social time and to develop a support network and friendships with other parents.

All online drop-in classes are 40 minutes long and incorporate warm up activities, yoga-inspired movements, fine and gross motor skill play activities and a calming down and relaxing end to the session

Course Dates 2020

Online Developmental Play Course starting Monday 9th November, 4 weeks, 11:30-12:10pm, £12

Online Developmental Play Course starting Tuesday 10th November, 4 weeks, 10:55-11:35am, ,£12

Online Developmental Play Course starting Wednesday 11th November, 4 weeks, 10:40-11:20am, £12

Christmas Special

Weds 16th December, 11:20-12pm, £5

Course Dates 2021

ONLINE Terrific Toddlers free class

Tuesday 12th January, 10-10:40am

ONLINE Terrific Toddlers 4 week term

Tuesday 19th January - Tuesday 9th February, 10-10:40am

How to Book

All courses are available to book using the Book Online page

Once booked a confirmation email will be sent through within 24 hours with further details and a registration form. 

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